Thursday, 26 April 2012

Creative Space - Work Table

Everybody needs a creative workspace.  Somewhere where you can lay out something you are working on and not have to pack it up at dinnertime.  I have an area upstairs that I have claimed as my creative space, I just needed to set it up.

Firstly I needed a desk or work table.  I searched eBay and finally found this.

It's a soid pine table, with large turned legs.  It's not an antique but it is old, not just a modern reproduction.  I picked it up for about $100.

It had a few scratches on the top, so I gave the top a light sand and varnished it with some cedar stain/varnish.  Then I painted the underside of the table and legs in Dulux Whisper White.

I love having the big wide surface of a table rather than a slim desk.  It means I can easily wrap presents and set up my sewing machine with plenty of room.  The old blue chair is the roadkill piece my husband found in the street.

After painting the table, I then created a collage wall and some stylish storage to hold all the crafty pieces. I'll share some more on that next.

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  1. I love your workspace Kylie, the size of the table is perfect and you have it looking so creatively wonderful. xx

  2. You did a great job restoring the table - looks great paired with the blue chair. Hope you are doing well after your recent health scare :)

  3. Great job with the table, Kylie - I love your little crafting space!

  4. You're a whizz at finding great second hand tables, space looks fab and I see the hearts have found a special place :) Mum xx

  5. Kylie, I live in Brisbane and I too just bought a very similar table off eBay and it just occurred to me that we may have been bidding on these against each other - hehe! The one I got was old and has a plain top and black legs which I've kept black as my place is full of riotess bright colours and patterns (most likely your nightmare) hence my absolute love of your blog and the differences between us. You've done a beautiful job as usual :)

    1. Oh no Brenda. I hope we weren't bidding against each other! Actually I like black. I have on old timber buthcher's block that belonged to my Dad, and I can feel some black legs coming on!!!!
      Kylie xx

  6. I'm coming around and pretending to be a piece of wall art - just so I can "hang out" in your beautiful room.

    You have done such a lovely room and a really great job of that table.
    I'm booking in your handy work now :)

    x Loulou

  7. I've been tempted to do up my work table in a similar way for while now. Seeing how great yours looks is tempting me even more!

  8. What a lovely little space you have created. I wouldn't want to leave the house:) God bless xx

  9. It looks fabulous Kylie Fx

  10. I found you while visiting others in blogland. I hope you will follow me as I am your newest follower.

    I love the work table. I need a smaller one for a small space. Your work area looks great!

  11. Hi Kylie. Your creative space looks organised! I love the garland your mum made...I made a few around valentine's day and they are just so sweet and simple :) Have a good week!
    Cas x

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