Friday 14 December 2012

Giant Christmas Wreath

I really like to decorate the front of our house for Christmas, and the big arch window was just crying out for a giant wreath, so I made one.

How To Make a Giant Christmas Wreath

You will need:

  • A dog who chews his moon chair apart leaving only the circular frame or a plastic hula hoop which will be lighter and easier to hang.
  • plain garland - I used 2 x 1.8 metre garlands from Spotlight
  • Ribbon to make a bow
  • Baubles or decorations
  • Battery operated fairy lights

Step one - Wrap the garland around the hoop.  My garland was wired so it stayed in place without the need for glue.  Fan out the branches to cover the frame.
 Step two - Make a bow.  Make a loop, then make two more.  Cut a small length of fabric and fold it around the centre of the loops.  Cut a long length of fabric and fold it in half.  Place it at the back of the bow and staple into place.  You could also glue it in place if you don't want to see the staples.

Step three - Decorate the wreath.  I wrapped 2 x 20 light battery operated fairy lights around the wreath.  Attached some gold baubles I had to the wreath with some green wire, and attached the big red bow to the top.

I really wanted to make a big bow out of red hessian/burlap like one I saw at Pottery Barn, but it seems everybody else had the same idea, and Spotlight was completely sold out.

Step four - Hang the wreath.  This is where a light weight hoola hoop would be better than a heavy metal frame.  I ignored all the instructions on the packet and attached 2 large clear command hooks to my arch window.  The benefit of these is they have clear strips which you can't see through the window.

and voila - a very Christmasy giant wreath.

It looks pretty all lit up at night, but unfortunately I'm not a good enough photographer to capture it for you.  Maybe next year?  Only 11 more sleeps.

To see more Christmas decorating, please visit my new blog DIY Decorator


  1. I had to have a giggle about the doggie chewing the chair.:) It looks really nice. xx

  2. It looks great and must look gorgeous at night! x

  3. it looks wonderful - perfect spot for it.

  4. Oh I love it, what a fabulous spot to hang it. I can't believe its only 11 more sleeps, I need another week.x

  5. Very creative, Kylie! Hope you didn't have to tackle the mountaineering to get it into that window! ;-) Cheers, Hx

    1. Ha ha - no the window is in our master bedroom so no large ladders required.

  6. very clever thing!
    Bec x

  7. Love the magnolia wreath on your front door l have 6 magnolia little gems tree in my small courtyard style garden!

  8. What a great idea. It really highlights your gorgeous window:). Hope you had a great Christmas:)

  9. What a beautiful Christmas wreath.



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