Monday, 28 November 2011

Merry Christmas Burlap Bunting

I finally gave in and bought 2 metres of burlap from Spotlight the other day.  I know we really call it hessian here in Australia, but I do think burlap sounds better.  I have seen so many beautiful things made from burlap on pinterest and on blogs, so I have set myself a challenge to see what I can make out of 2 metres of burlap.

Number One - Make a Merry Christmas bunting banner.

White shabby bows and silver bells.

It is hard to see the bunting properly in this light, but when I stand in my kitchen and look across at this window, it really looks lovely. 

To make the bunting,I:

Cut out the triangles for the bunting (template from Madison magazine here)
Printed the letters for Merry Christmas in Mongolian Baiti 200 point on the printer
Used an exacto knife to cut out the letters to form a stencil
Stencilled the letters onto the burlap using black fabric paint.
Sewed the bunting together using white cotton bias binding
Tied the bunting onto a tree branch
Ripped strips of white cotton and tied it to the tree branch
Attached silver Christmas tree decorations that I found in Choice
and attached the whole banner to the timber blind pelmet using fishing wire.

Now, what else can I make from burlap?

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  1. The bunting looks great - what a fantastic Christmas DIY!

  2. yes - I like the word 'burlap' much more than 'hessian' !!
    love the bunting - especially how it's hanging off the branch. super cute.
    c x.

  3. I love it, and you have inspired me. I was in Spotlight on Friday and saw "burlap" (I too agree that it sounds more romantic than hessian), when I am next in Spotlight I am going to get some. Thanks

  4. your bunting looks beautiful..been thinking about doing that myself but haven't gotten around to it. did you cut the letters out of paper for the stencil?

  5. This looks fabulous Kylie - I wasn't going to make any additional Christmas decorations this year, but now you have me inspired!

  6. Kylie, the bunting looks great and I agree, burlap sounds better than hessian!! Thanks for dropping by my blog, I'm glad you enjoyed the tour...there's more to come..Robx

  7. Very crafty Kylie, your Burlap Bunting looks fabulous! Merry Christmas. x Jode

  8. Hi Kylie

    that looks so gorgeous - you did a great job.
    and as the saying goes, "you're not just a pretty face"

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  9. I love your bunting! I am kind of liking burlap now too. I am thinking of making a table runner for the holidays with it.

  10. Your Christmaas bunting looks so great! I'm loving burlap right now, I really must go and check it out Spotlight and get crafting! Thanks for the fab inspiration! :) x K

  11. Hi Kylie, I have awarded you a Liebster Blog Award. Pop over to my blog to find out what it is about. But I wanted to thank you for being a great blog friend and hope that good things continue to come your way. xx Sarah

  12. You are so creative Kylie. If I'd seen that material at the shops I would have just seen a big lump of hessian not burlap bunting in the making! Great project!

    Best wishes,

  13. Well how clever are you. They look great. I love your blog and have enjoyed looking around I will follow on my way out to ensure I know my way back to your door. I hope you can find the time to do the same. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  14. I didn't realize burlap was called hessian too! Thanks for that little bit of info. Your banner looks great! I can't wait to try something with burlap too. I have some coffee bean bags, but they are so heavy - i am going to have to buy some lighter weight fabric for bunting. Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower - I'd love for you to follow me! Jennifer

  15. Cute banner. I keep seeing burlap too, guess its time to try and play!
    hugs Lynn

  16. What a lovely bunting! I've been meaning to make one for my Christmas mantle. Thank you for the inspiration!!!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  17. Hi Kylie,
    I had to pop over after you left a comment on my blog and I'm hooked! (Not only because of your gorgeous blog but because I grew up in Brisbane and my Mum has MS too.)

    I'm doing some posts for Christmas and I wondered whether you'd mind if I shared this bunting post? I'd borrow one picture and link back (of course) to you so my readers could pop over and read the details.

    Let me know if that's ok,

  18. Love it but I am not as crafty as you and have been on the hunt for some to buy in Australia also because of all the pics I have seen on Pintrest too! You have done a lovely job :)


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