Monday, 20 June 2011

I'm Grateful for My Car

I am lucky.  I have a nice car.  My car is comfortable and has all sorts of nice features.  I take care of my car in the hope that it will protect and take care of me.  It's a lot different to the first car I owned.  My first car was a 1976 yellow Volkswagon Golf with no power steering, no electric windows or ipod connection and a rear window that let in the water when it rained.

My mum keeps a small plastic figurine of Ronald McDonald in her car.  It was one of those free giveaways you get when you buy a meal.  Anyway, she had an old manual car that had a choke that you had to pull out when you started it.  The problem was it used to slide back whenever she pulled it out.  On cold Melbourne mornings you needed to keep the choke out until the car engine warmed up, so she use to pull the choke out and then push Ronald down so the choke sat between his legs and it stopped it slipping back. 

 Mum has a lovely car now but she keeps the Ronald figurine in her car to remind her where she's come from and to be grateful for the car she has now.

No matter what your mode of transport is, appreciate it.  At least you're going somewhere.


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