Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Lanterns

When you spend a lot of time on pinterest, your list of 'Things To Make or Do' becomes quite long, and after seeing pictures of beautiful Christmas lanterns, I knew I needed one ... or two.

 There were plenty of white and silver lanterns in the shops, but I wanted something a little more rustic that would match the colours of my house.  I finally found some white-washed timber lanterns at Eureka Street.  To make them Christmasy, I added fake snow $2 from Overflow, a mini wreath $2 from Overflow, and battery operated Real Safe Candles.

The candles are great.  They look like real candles as they are made from wax but are battery operated LED, so I don't have to worry about leaving real candles burning unattended and the timber lanterns won't catch fire.  Even better, I bought the remote control for them, so I press either the 4 or 8 hour timer and they turn themselves off.  How good is that?  I also used rechargeable batteries.

Here's how they look at night.

Just one thing about candles made of wax.  When you leave them behind glass on a 40 degree Brisbane summer day, they melt!!!!  They are fine in normal temperatures but 40 degrees was just too much.

To see more Christmas decorating, please visit my new blog DIY Decorator


  1. lol...great lanterns...I want some...we all looked a bit like that candle in brissy last week didn't we?
    Bec x

  2. oh no... what a shame but your lanterns are lovely.
    Fiona xx

  3. I love your lantern and those fabulous candles. Fancy having a remote! Shame about the heat making it wibbly wobbly and agree with bec about feeling just like that last week!

  4. Super cute! Pity about the melted candle but isn't tht how we all feel in 40 degrees?

  5. That looks terrific Kylie. Shame about the candle, guess they were made for the northern hemisphere originally.

  6. I love your little lanterns- this has inspired me to do something with some of mine!

  7. Beautiful Kylie. They look great, I like the timber ones; They will look lovely even when its not Xmas


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