Friday, 18 January 2013

Making Paper Chains

I took part in the Christmas Good Mail Club late last year run by Sarah from Molly's Maison. The idea was to send everybody on the list a hand-written card and a little something special.  I chose to make Happy New Year paper that could be made into a paper chain.

I printed Happy new Year onto some parchment paper in different fonts - the fonts are from top to bottom - Callie hand, Engravers MT, St Nicholas, Chopin Script, One Starry Night, Angelic War and Eraser.  Most you can download free from DaFont.

I then used a deckle edge blade on my Fiskars paper trimmer to cut the paper into strips.  This gives a slightly crinkled edge rather than a perfectly straight one.

For some I punched stars in between the words.

For others I punched decorative edges.

Until I ended up with a pile of decorative paper strips, which I bundled together and popped into the card I made.

I kept a few for myself too.

You could easily apply any of these ideas to make your own paper chains next time you have a celebration.  They were fun to make.  I remember making paper chains in primary school out of coloured paper to decorate the classroom.  Did you?

To see more Christmas decorating, please visit my new blog DIY Decorator


  1. I am picturing a Valentines paper chain. This is really cute.


  2. that is really gorgeous Kylie! lovely idea :)) Kate x

  3. What a clever idea, they look lovely!

  4. I loved mine, you clever minx. Hmm, must admit I needed to read this to work it out ;). J x

  5. How very pretty and what a great take-off from the traditional Christmas chains!!!

  6. I so love these Kylie. What a lovely gift for your friend. I must start collecting some stamps and punches and such,as I see so many creative things out there made with them. I haven't really gotten into paper making things yet. I just need another thing to do LOL. thanks x


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