Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Feather Tree

My lovely friend Alex gave us all a gold wire Christmas tree filled with Ferrero Rocher chocolates a few years ago, and once we ate all the chocolates, I kept the empty tree.

I thought I could probably do something with this tree one day.  The other week I was at The Cottage Garden Nursery in East Brisbane and I saw a tree that was made from a plant climbing frame with masses of white paper napkins stuffed through the wire mesh - very effective.

That was all the inspiration I needed.  I grabbed a piece of white marabou feather boa and wrapped it around the gold frame, trimming some of the feathers at the top.  Now I have a feather tree.

It's going to be difficult to decorate,  I was thinking I might just spray it with some glitter hairspray.  What would you do?

1 comment:

  1. What a gorgeous idea, if Poppy got hold of this she would shred it to bits. How lovely you have a little schnoodle too. I have no idea how big Poppy will grow, with her dad being a "toy" poodle. Probably not very big. She is so full of mischief right now at 11 weeks old, she gets her last vaccination today...Yay!! She will be able to go for walks now :)

    Have a lovely week. I will be back again tonight to take some time to look through your blog as I love what I have seen so far, I was meant to be leaving to go out but went on to look at a few more posts :)



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