Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tree's Up

Well the tree's up for another year.  This is a job that my daughter and I do together (it obviously doesn't appeal to the males in the house).  We have so much fun doing this together.

We start by putting on Christmas music, then assembling the tree.  Once the tree's up, we untangle the string of 600 lights, turn them on and wrap them round the tree.  In London, we bought a real tree and it smelled divine.  Here in Brisbane, a freshly cut tree wouldn't last long in the heat, so I bought the most real looking artificial tree I could find.

The big baubles are always the first decoration we put on the tree. 

Once they are on, we fill the gaps with all the little decorations.

When all the decorations are on, we put the star on top.

Finally we assemble the railway track that runs around the bottom of the tree.

We've had the train since the kids were little.  It plays annoyingly loud Christmas music but the kids love it.

Is your tree up yet?  Do you wait until 1st December, or sneak it up a little earlier?


  1. My tree is up and I will post about it soon. Your tree is just lovely and you both have done an excellent job in decorating it. Merry Christmas. ;-)

  2. Wow! It looks lovely. Love the green and gold theme.xx

  3. Hiya Kyie! Your tree looks very elegant indeedy :) Yep, we snuck ours up a little early too...I've got a post lined up about it for later today.
    Cas x

  4. We put our tree up last Sunday and it was left to me and my males interested as well!

  5. Love your tree it's gorgeous isn't it lovely to have that tradition with your daughter my daughters love it too. Have a lovely day xx

  6. Your tree is beautiful! My 4 boys all like to help decorate the tree but, being boys, they don't have much of a decorating flair. Once they are asleep I go and change things around a bit! Bad - I know - but they don't seem to notice. x Sharon

  7. hi Kylie - we will put our tree up this weekend as my husband loves getting involved (and it's up in our roof cavity and i can't get it down myself). im allergic to real pine trees so we also have a fake one. your daughter is so cute! and your tree looks great.
    have fun
    cheers Fiona

  8. Kylie, Normally I'm right there with you on the 1st December dusting the tree and making it glam however this year we're away so we're not going to bother - it's kind of making me feel a little weird!

  9. Kylie, I think we are going out this weekend to get our living tree. We have a fake one at home in fact we've never had a fresh cut one in Australia...but here it's so much fun. My 21 year old son, who is staying with us, can't wait to go out with me to get it. I must admit, I really love the idea of it too...and as you say, they last much longer here in this climate. Yours looks lovely...I love the colour scheme! Robx

  10. Stunning tree love that you decorate with your beautiful daughter all our family help too its a wonderful time. Hope you have a great weekend my friend.

    Always Wendy

  11. love the green and gold, haven't really got into my Christmas decorating this year, but the little ones did do the tree!

  12. I love your tree! We also have a specific order that we do the decorations in. It's good to see I'm not the only one!

  13. Your tree is just beautiful! Your home looks so inviting and lovely. We put our tree up this weekend which is a little later than usual for us - we usually put it up the first Sunday of Advent. I will post pics soon on my blog. God bless x


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