Monday, 23 January 2012

Rust proof your Outdoor Lights

When we built our outdoor entertaining area, I was trying to save money (as always) and bought an IKEA light fitting to hang above the table.  Unfortunately it was made of wrought iron and over the years it has rusted and is basically ... well it's stuffed! 

I was worried the chain was so rusted that the light would come crashing down.

I have been looking for another light to replace it for quite some time and have seen a few I like but $1,000 for a light fitting .... really?  The IKEA one was only $79.  I have finally found a new light fitting.  Unfortunately it is also made of some type of iron so to prevent the same thing happening again, I had to give it a spray of Rust-Guard metal paint before the electrician installed it.

Here's the light hanging in my garage so I could paint it. 
It's a six pendant lantern light - $179 on special from Recollections.

It's an antique bronze colour, so I chose black rust-guard paint.

and here it is...

I think the black works better with the dining chairs than the antique bronze.

and at night...

So here's a lesson learnt.  If you have metal objects outside, it may well be worthwhile to rust-proof them in the beginning.

Happy back to school in Queensland today.


  1. I love your patio area. I'm sorry that you had to replace your light fixture, but I love your new one!

    1. Thanks Susan. It has been lovely to eat dinner outside this summer without fearing the light would come crashing down.

  2. The black looks stunning (and great to know it's safe from the weather too!).

  3. it looks great ! love the chandelier outside.

  4. Nice work, it looks lovely. Shame about the old one... ;-)

  5. Your outdoor area looks so beautiful. I LOVE Recollections things too. Happy back to school and Australia Day to you. Our schools in WA go back on the 1st of Feb so I am making the most of my last few days of 'freedom' before I meet my new class and the craziness resumes:) God bless x

  6. I love it!! And you'll be so pleased with yourself in years to come when it STILL looks as gorgeous as it does now. What a great find!


  7. I also have that kind of outdoor light in my house and I think I need to try that rust proofing to make it look good again.

  8. Indeed, it’s important to rust-proof your outdoor fixtures regularly to prevent it from corroding and destroying the aesthetic value and functionality of your outdoor lights. By the way, you have a beautiful outdoor light! It reminds me of my grandma’s fixtures displayed on their patio. :]

    - Allison Shallenberger


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