Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Grocery Shopping Chinese Style

It was Chinese New Year on Monday 23rd January.  We cook a lot of Chinese and Asian style food, so I often head to Chinatown to buy groceries.  The official Chinatown is in Fortitude Valley in the city, but I go to Sunnybank on Brisbane's southside where there is a large Chinese shopping centre.

Sunnybank is great.  You will find Chinese butchers, a large Chinese supermarket and seafood.  It's so interesting and diferrent.  The kids love it.

This is the sign in the butcher.  I ordered half a peeking duck which was $14, so maybe it was the fourth item on the list?

Did you know there was more than one type of dried shrimp?

 and how's this for a selction of mushrooms?

It's always fun to go out to Sunnybank and try new things.


  1. Great pictures. I used to live near Chinatown in Chicago, so I would often wander around - it was always a fun experience.

  2. a visit to an asian supermarket is always interesting. i didn't know about the different varieties of dried shrimp. my daughter uses them, i think in laksa.

  3. I used to shop in Sunnybank when I lived in Brisbane and always remember all the interesting shops, there was a really good deli too.


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