Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Be Patient and You Will Find It

These are the two armchairs that sit in the corner of my dining room.  I bought them over 10 years ago from Carina Sherlock.  My dining room table only has 6 chairs, so I use these armchairs on the end when we want to seat 8.

Years ago I saw a picture in a magazine that had the same chairs but with big comfy seat cushions on them.  What a great idea - the seats are rattan and a bit low, so a cushion provides comfort and means you sit higher.

These seat cushions have been on my 'To Do' list for years.  I have looked in many shops for something to fit.  I even went to Melbourne and looked in the Carina Sherlock showroom, but no, they didn't have any.  I toyed with the idea of making them myself, but it would be very time consuming, especially with the piping.  I even thought about getting some professionally made but the cost would be prohibitive.

Finally, on a recent trip to IKEA, I spotted the DJUPVIK seat cushion for their wicker armchairs.  I wonder if they'd fit my chairs?  And guess what - they did!  Even better these cushions cost $30 each and have a removable cover for easy washing.

After 10 years, the paintwork on the chairs had discoloured and had spots on it.

I thought about painting them, but decided to sand them and give them a slightly more distressed feel.  The sanding removed the spots but added some character.

So this is how the chairs fit into the room. 
One day we want to change the window at the end to French doors.

My dilemma now is what sort of scatter cushions/pillows to put on the chairs?  The scatter cushions need to be either a small square or rectangle.

The only other piece of furniture in the room is the buffet.

The display changes from time to time, but the blue and white china is a constant.

There is also quite a bit of blue and white scattered around the room.

The chair pads on the other dining chairs are charcoal.  I tried having white seat pads, but with two kids it didn't really work.

So do I add cushions in blue & white in keeping with the china, or do I try to link in the charcoal seat pads?

This cushion from Linen House would link the charcoal.


or this blue and white fabric from Fabric Traders might work with the blue and white china?

Madison in Blue by Premier Prints

Please let me know what you think.  After waiting 10 years for the seat cushions I don't want to wait another 10 years for the decorative cushions.

Asking for help here - Faded Charm, My Romantic Home, French Country Coattge


  1. Well don't they look super. Great find. Good ol Ikea,usualy comes to the party at reasonable prices.
    I think the bird,charcoal are lovely. Although,I am a blue and white person, the blue ones may look too much.

  2. I like the bird/charcoal ones. I think it will make the charcoal chair cushions make sense and match nicely with the grey on your outside chairs as well. You could then add a plain small blue cushion as well if you really want to add blue. xT

  3. Oh Kylie, it all looks lovely, I love the blue and white. I think I have that same chair, so i will be off to Ikea or another chair cushion.x

  4. what a great find Kylie -I love Ikea for cushions and homewares - not so the furniture obviously. I love the blue and white material at the bottom of your post.
    cheers Fiona
    ps actually also the birds are divine. no help at all am I

  5. Big fan of the blue and white here, so I would probably go with the blue and white fabric.

    Love that you finally found some seat cushions for them!

  6. Your chairs look gorgeous!
    I like both fabrics- so hard to choose-, but maybe just maybe the birds win out!

  7. The chairs look fantastic Kylie! Gotta love that fabulous Nordic Boutique. I personal love the cream and charcoal print. A lumber style (rectangular) cushion in plain cream would be nice and if you want a pattern you could buy a design to put on it from Etsy - just a thought as it might be cheaper although with the sales about to hit you might just find yourself a bargain and save yourself the trouble. Maybe something blue and white in the middle of the table?

  8. My vote is for the birds too, but I agree it's hard to choose. I would probably end up trying them both in 'real life' and then moving the ones that didn't fit right to another spot in the house! Probably explains why we have so many cushions in our house:) God bless x

  9. Those IKEA cushions look perfect. I love
    both your options but like the charcoal
    one with the bird more. Ties in nicely with your other cushions. The sanding makes the chairs look nicely aged too. You must be delighted ! Well worth waiting for. Fx

  10. I really wish that little Nordic Boutique was closer to us! We have to go all the way to Atlanta.

    I think the charcoal bird would be best. (BTW, I have chairs and a table which look very much like yours, as well as a lot of blue and white, so I guess we are on the same wave-length!)

    I am your newest follower.


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