Monday, 26 November 2012

A Christmas Menu Coming Soon

Oh my goodness - I'm exhausted.  I made and photographed an entire Christmas menu on the weekend.  I'll share it with you shortly.

This is a little Christmas cake I made.

We also managed to get the tree up on the weekend.

My little helper did nearly all of it herself this year.  I helped with the tree and the lights but she did the decorations, and I think she did a mighty fine job.  Hope all your Christmas preparations are coming along.  There are only 28 days until Christmas eve.

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  1. Your little helper is so cute!

    Your cake looks lovely, and is so beautifully presented!

  2. SO cute! i LOVE your photos kylie!!

  3. Can't wait to see your menu, you are inspirational1 In the meantime I am up to my elbows, in paint, glue and fabric!

  4. I bet your menu will be lovely. The tree looks great,as does your little helper. :)

  5. Are you joking? 28 days!!!
    When you say it like that! Whoa!!!
    Your little one did a mighty fine job wit those decos......;O)
    Tania xx

  6. Looking good! No wonder you are exhausted. Are making the same thing twice, on Christmas day as well? Good practice if you are.
    I had a manic weekend and didn't seem to get anywhere! x

  7. 28 days... oh my goodness!! Where's that panic button!! Love the tree :) xx

  8. Ah...the tree looks fabulous...your little helper did a mighty fine job!
    look forward to seeing more of the menu...that little cake looks yum! x kl

  9. Gorgeous tree and fab cake Kylie, I cannot believe its only 28 days to christmas.x

  10. I cannot wait to see your menu Kylie! And 28 days (or 27 now)?? Zoiks!!
    Cas x

  11. Adorable helper, cutest little cake, beautiful tree, can't wait to see what you've been up to but please promise not to wear yourself out in the process!

    1. Thanks Brenda, I'm feeling really good at the moment so I'm powering through until school holidays start this weekend.

  12. Talk about superwoman !! Can't wait to see your delicious treats x

  13. your little cake looks scrumptious.... and the tree so beautiful. I really have to get my skates on with only 4 weeks left....ahhggg!
    Bec x

  14. She did a fabulous job 0 the tree looks gorgeous. On a more serious note, how did I not know you had a blog after following you all this time on Instagram. Thankfully Ive got you in my reader now hun xx

  15. What a cute lil Santa Clause you have! Clearly takes after her mum as far as decorating goes... your tree looks divine. Cant wait to see your Xmas menu! Rxx

  16. Beautiful Kylie. Sorry to hear you are exhausted. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas menu in full flight.
    Take care


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