Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A White Chippy Footstool

Well hello, do I have a classic for you today?  Those of you on instagram will know that I recently bought an Ikea Ektorp sofa for my 'empty room'.  I love it to bits.  It's so nice to have a little area where I can sit and read.  Problem is you need somewhere to put your cup of tea or glass of wine where it won't get knocked over.

I have seen so many lovely chippy stools on blogs and pinterest, so I decided that's what I needed.  Well I didn't need to look any further than the storage area above the garage and I found one.

This was the stool my husband made at school for woodworking.  Do they still even do woodworking as a subject anymore?  It has his name and class 10GA1 written underneath.

Look at that handywork.  How good is that glue joint?  Despite appearances, it's actually a very solid and sturdy stool, so I gave it a lick of paint and a little roughen up.

How I did it

Step 1 - Lightly sand and give the stool a coat of burnt umber paint (I use Jo Sonja's acrylic).  I wanted a deep brown to come through rather than the orange colour.

Step 2 - Give the stool a couple of coats of white paint.  I used Dulux aqua-enamel in Whisper White.

This is an instagram photo I took while I was doing it.

Step 3 - Roughen it up a bit.  Sand the edges and use a screwdriver or blade to scratch some paint off.  Kristen from The Painted Hive uses a surfboard wax comb.  Mine ended up looking like this:

Some of my favourite books and a rose from the garden, and it's all pretty.

Even my husband is happy with it.  I did ask him if I could paint it first ... just in case.

I'll be back in a couple of days to share the best pancake recipe for the weekend ... yum.  Don't forget my tin hearts giveaway is still open.  You can enter here.

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  1. Hi Kylie,

    I love what you have done.

    Gosh - these are the best little treasures aren't they.
    And - i am sure your husband is so happy it has a new life all over again.
    A lovely addition to your room

    have a nice day Kylie

    Loulou x

  2. It was good that you had such a cute little table hiding away in storage! Looks great with its little makeover :)

  3. so cute. my husband also has a few treasures from woodworking classes.
    I think it's time to spruce them up and get them out of hiding!!!
    C xxxxxxx

  4. it looks co cute the way you painted it!

  5. Love it. Woodwork and metal work school classes turned out some really nice pieces. This is just lovely now. x

  6. Well done, looks great xT

  7. What a gorgeous little table, love little projects like this one! Woodwork & metal work are still part of the curriculum, my son just brought home a very chunky candle holder made from timber & copper : ) Jodi

  8. It looks gorgeous! I have an ektorp sofa as well, they are fab!

  9. Very pretty - you did a lovely job on it!

    I have an Ektorp sectional in my living room, and an Ektorp armchair in my home office - I love them both!

  10. Lovely job, it looks great and you did such a fab job on the vintage paint look! May I ask which cover colour did you get on your Ektorp? Is it white? Does it wash ok? I need a new cover for ours but am stuck on which colour to get, two messy boys make it kind of tricky. Hope your having a great week! Rx

    1. Hi Rachel

      I bought the white one. I have 2 kids and a black dog who are suppose to use our brown leather couch not MY white one, but they keep sitting on it. At the moment it is covered with black fur. I haven't washed it yet, but Cas from Peaches & Maple told me hers washes up really well everytime. I do keep a cotton throw over the seat parts which helps, but the arms are getting dirty.

      I'll let you know how it goes when I wash it.


  11. Very sweet and practical and so lovely that your hubby made it at school! x

  12. Hi Kylie :) What a cute little footstool! I love that it was made by your hubby, such a sweet little addition to your room. Jo xx

  13. Great makeover, love it! Found you via Scandi Coast, thanks for sharing :) Tina

  14. I totally love this kylie... great you have kept something sentimental and made it cool!
    Bec x

  15. Your whole blog have the stunning makeover..!!
    Looks fabulous..!!!Leather Button Beds


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