Thursday, 22 March 2012

Interesting Shop Displays

I love visual merchandising and wonderfully creative window displays.  All the shop keepers in our local high street in London would regularly change their window displays with the seasons.  Christmas windows are the best.  Some of them were truly amazing.  Anyway during a recent day out in Brisbane I noticed a couple of interesting displays that I thought I'd share with you and snapped them with my phone.

This is a little clothing alterations place in Tattersals Mall.

The front window is lined with vintage sewing machines.

and vintage advertising signs

I love this old timber counter with the drawers. 
See the vintage irons on the right side by the door.

A dressmakers dummy and a chalkboard sign pointing to the fitting room.

Then I went into Asop to buy my sister some hand cream, and I loved their display of brown bottles.

A mass display of brown bottles.

All the bottles of lotions and creams with a large industrial sink.

This is how they wrapped the hand cream.

And I had to go to The Shingle Inn for a coffee and passionfruit cup cake.

I am always looking to find other shops that have interesting displays. 
Anybody seen some good ones lately?


  1. A passionfruit cupcake sounds yummy!

  2. You have an eye for beauty. I will have to keep a look out too so that I can spot interesting displays like your ones. God bless x

  3. That old apothecary counter is to die for. I love those things with eight million drawers though unfortunately they are kinda impractical for storing anything bigger than a Barbie shoe.
    I always love Provincial home or Zetta Florence though I'm not sure you have them up north.


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