Wednesday, 14 March 2012

House Name or Number?

Does your house have a name or just a number?  Some houses have the most pretty names, like Rose Cottage,  Honeysuckle Cottage, or The Old Coach House.  I have always just had a number.

When we first moved into this house 11 years ago, I bought a set of tiles in a wrought iron frame and proudly hung it at the front door.

Sadly, late last year the adhesive tape holding the left tile failed and it smahed to the ground.  My husband glued it back together, but I really felt it was time for a change.

I tried to think of a nice name for our house, I really did, but I just couldn't find one that sounded right.  So in the end, we are just number 2.

To make the sign I just cut a piece of plywood to size, painted it 'Paperbark' and then painted No 2 on it.  I also resprayed the wrought iron holder black just too freshen it up.

We still need to pave the front entrance.  I found the perfect match for our bricks.  See the sample next to the door mat?  They don't make them anymore do they?  I'll have to keep looking.


  1. Kylie,I like your number sign,its simple but striking.
    Our house is Number 4A "Osborne House" It was already named when we bought the house. The name is on a square piece of grey stone and written in gold. We liked it so kept it. Captain Osborne was a sea captain who arrived in this area(a port) and built his home (a large beautiful homestead,now the community centre) Osborne House. He shipped all the materials from England. I think our home was named after it.

    :) jeanetteann

  2. Hi, We like to posh it up a bit and call our house the number on the street i.e. we're 7 on Willmott. Too funny!! Really like your new sign and I love that it doesn't look computer generated and is curly and swirl like the wrought iron around it......B:)

  3. I have always loved houses with names. Years ago when we lived in Jamaica we lived in Winter Rest and later La Casita. When we were looking at our present house we referred to it as The Boat House because there was a sailboat in the back yard filled with flowers. In reality we are just 1162 Brunswick Lane.

    At least your No. 2 sounds good!


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