Wednesday, 1 February 2012

DIY - How to Restore a Shower

I hate cleaning showers.  Especially as our ensuite shower is 13 years old and when you clean it, it never looks shiny and new again.  It's so frustrating - It feels like such a waste of time.  I would dearly love a new ensuite, but the reality is, it will be a number of years before we can renovate it.  So if I have to live with this shower for the next few years, it was going to need a little restoration.

Step 1 - Replace the cheap water saving fixed shower head with a massage shower head on a rail, so it is easy to clean the shower.

I chose the Methven Amio 5 function shower head.  Oh yeah!
Pinned Image
 Step 2 - I can't look at these feature tiles any longer, so I painted over them with Zissner 123 primer and 2 coats of white gloss paint.  You can buy specialist tile paint, but it wasn't worth it for me as I only had to paint 3 tiles.

Step 3 - Rejuvenate the grout.  After 13 years the white grout was no longer white.  I didn't want to have to scrape out and re-grout the whole thing.  So firstly I cleaned the whole shower with a good mould cleaner. 

Selleys Rapid Mould Killer

Then I wanted to freshen up the grout.  Originally I tried one of those white grout pens, but it didn't really work well.  I think they are really designed for drawing fake grout lines over painted tiles rather than making real grout lines white again  Then I discovered Selleys Grout Stain Whitener. 

Selleys Whitener

This stuff is great.  It's basically pre-mixed white grout in a tube with a sponge applicator.  Squeeze it on over the grout lines, let it dry for 30-120 minutes, and when dry wipe over the tiles with a sponge to remove the excess grout.  I found a flat sponge rather than a cloth (Chux) worked best.  Here's the tiles with the grout squeezed on:

and here's how they turned out:

Honestly - They look brand new.

The final step in the restoration process was the glass shower screen.  For this I used Enduroshield.

It's a protective coating for glass.  It's a two part process.  Firstly you clean the glass with the cleaning solution and some fine steel wool.  Then you seal the glass with the sealer.  Once the sealer has cured (about 8 hours) like the box says - It's like water off a duck's back.  The water just beads on the glass.  A quick wipe over with a micro fibre cloth and the shower screen sparkles like new again.  Oh why didn't I do this earlier?

So here's my finished shower

I was so happy with the way it turned out that I also used the grout whitener and Enduroshield sealer on the downstairs shower.  The shower has been done for a few weeks now, and it is so much easier to clean.  Well worth the effort.

This is not a sponsored post.  These are just the products I used and I thought they were great.


  1. That's fantastic. So effective. I'm just not a fan of the feature tile. But the grout whitener makes it look brand new. xx

  2. Great, I always love a new cleaning product to try. Thanks for the tips. x

  3. Great tips Kylie - thanks. Do you think the Enduro Shield would work on the outsides of the house windows?......B:)

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Yes you can use Enduroshield outside. Pool shops actually sell it for use on glass pool fencing.
      I can't believe how easy it is to clean the shower. Some mild detergent and a microfibre cloth and I'm done. Really easy. Wish I'd done it 10 years ago!

  4. Great job - amazing the difference a few small changes can make :) I have a tiled border in my bathroom I'd love to attack too.

  5. Yay! Your shower looks like new!!! Good job!

  6. Thank you for sharing this, and so happy that you live in Australia and I know which products to use on our horrible shower too! I am definitely taking notes and adding this job to my list. God bless x

  7. nice photos... your wall was so white.. i try to use that product...


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  9. My bathroom tiles were a sight for sore eyes, the grout was stained and looked a bit filthy. Sadly I couldn't afford to replace the grout for the entire bathroom. I found out about Nugrout products and decided to give it a try. I am amazed by how new my bathroom now looks with the new grout color, and how affordable the entire process was. Check out their website, I highly recommend them.

  10. Thank you so much for blogging this! Used Selley's Mould Killer and Grout Whitner and our shower area looks as good as new.

  11. Hello - I am thinking of using the Selleys Grout Stain Whitener myself and found your blog and this post while doing a Google search. You did a fab job of yours Darl! I was wondering - now it has been a while since you have done it - does it all fall off? When we bought our place the shower/bathroom grout looked beautiful and white. I was thrilled...until we used the shower a few times and it all fell off leaving black, moldy grout that was hiding behind whatever they had used to cover it up! I have never been able to make it look better and was thinking of this Selley's product. Love to know how you got on if you get the chance. Anyhoo thanks for some inspiration! x

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