Monday, 30 April 2012

Creative Space - Photo Wall

So this is the photo/collage wall I created above my work desk.

I felt it was important that the area that I was using to create things made with love needed to be loving and inspiring.  I wanted to fill the area with photos and items that were special to me and made me smile.

I collected a number of decorative photo frames, and painted them all white.  I filled all the frames with photos of my family at the beach.  I love beach holidays.  They are so much fun.

In the middle I filled a wire heart frame with more photos.  I love the photo of my daughter doing a handstand in front of the Eiffel Tower.

I have already posted about the clay tags and the vanilla vase.

This paper heart garland was a gift from my mother.  She made it using pages from an old dictionary and sewing the hearts together with red cotton.


  1. nice idea ! love the different white frames. like the hobie cat photo. i used to sail in those a long time ago. great fun.

  2. gorgeous, love all the white frames!

  3. ok, that is all looking super fab! i really love how you've put it all together. Kate x

  4. Oh I love your room, so inspiring.x


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