Thursday, 19 April 2012

An Update

Thank you for all your well wishes last week.  I survived my MRI.  It is non-invasive just very, very loud.  Imagine the sound of a truck reversing and multiply that by 100 and then add some sirens and you get the picture.  I wish I could tell you what it looked like inside but once they put the cage over my head and locked it down I decided that keeping my eyes shut the whole time was the best option.  Ignorance is bliss!

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Every cloud has a silver lining

The good news is I do have a brain and a spine, unfortunately they are not 100% healthy.  My neurologist has given me his opinion, but the condition is hard to diagnose and it will take more time and tests.  I'm okay with it.  The condition won't kill me, I just have to learn to live with it the same way people live with diabeties or epilepsy.

Anyway I won't bore you with the rest.  The good news is I definately have a renewed outlook on life.  To keep myself busy when I was waiting for the results I pinned a lot of pictures on pinterest, and I wanted to share some photos I pinned to a board called Make Life Better.

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Enjoy the outdoors

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Listen to music

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Enjoy good food and wine with friends

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Travel - Lake Como is one of my favourite places in the world.

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Cuddle my husband.

Spend time with the ones you love

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This is my favourite!

Enjoy life.

Photo credits are at Pinterest here


  1. I love your inspirational pins! It's good to see that a bit of therapeutic pinning helped to distract you at this stressful time.

    I'm really sorry that you have had to go through all of this but I am so relieved to hear that your condition is manageable. Please stay strong and positive and know that your family and friends (including on-line ones like me) are thinking of you.

    Sending happy thoughts and lots of virtual hugs,

    1. Thanks Natasha - virtual hugs received with open arms!
      Kylie xx

  2. It sounds like you have a refreshed vision for life. Glad your MRI is over. Praying for you as you make adjustments.

  3. Hello Kylie

    sending you wellness and longevity wishes your way - I truly hope for the best for you.
    Unsettling times bring us with the most important of priorities - the things that mean the most and the things that mean the least.
    I attended a lecture years ago that a Cardiologist gave (he worked in Intensive Care).
    He said "not one of his patients ever muttered the words they couldn't wait to get back to work"
    He said "every single one of them wanted to start their life over and do the important things - it usually all involved travel, family and relaxation".

    Stay as strong as you can but remember, we are human and falling down is okay too at the appropriate times.

    hugs Kylie

    x Loulou

  4. thinking of you in your difficult times! i love your positive attitude. gorgeous pics :)

  5. Hi Kylie, thinking of you, hugs. Sam

  6. Positivity is the key and your insertion photos are just gorgeous. Sending all my best wishes. x Jode

  7. I'm sorry that the news wasn't completely 100% good, but I'm glad that it's something that you can live with.

    I definitely agree about remaining positive! {{{hugs}}}

  8. Working in a healthcare environment, I appreciate how daunting both something like an MRI can be, but also how unsettling the period of awaiting a diagnosis can also, I'll be thinking of you as you work with your specialist to find an answer, and ways to manage your condition...and of course continuing to love the beautiful images that you share here...

  9. Take care and thank you for sharing those lovely images x

  10. My prayers and thoughts are with you, glad the MRI went OK!

  11. Hi Kylie,

    So glad the waiting is over and even though the results weren't exactly what you would have wanted, now you know what it is you are dealing with and you can work on ways to adapt to it. I loved your Pinterest pictures and list of priorities! Wishing you good health and lots of R&R. Look after yourself, you are important to many people:) God bless x
    PS Still have you in my prayers as you work through this unpleasant season. xx


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