Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Foxy Drop

I want to share a little story that happened on the weekend.  It was Lucy's 40th birthday party on Saturday night.  She decided to have the party at The Pink Piano in Spring Hill.  It's a bar with a hot pink grand piano.  A guy sits at the piano bashing out songs, and everybody joins in with the singing and fun.  Well the night before Lucy's party, the patrons must have had a bit too much fun, and the council was called because it was too noisy (hello - it's Spring Hill, hardly quiet anyway).  The council banned the music and said it could only be background music.  That's not the kind of party Lucy was hoping for.

Lucy was devastated, but The Foxy Drop saved the night!

The Foxy Drop is the wine bar extension to The Foxy Bean coffee shop on Stanley Street East, Woolloongabba (next to The Green Papaya).  The owners have only just renovated the building and the wine bar side was not 'officially' open yet, but agreed the host the party with only a few hours notice.

The renovation is amazing.  I was in wine bar heaven.  Subway tiles, rustic timber beams and pressed metal.  What more do  you need?

Well a fox of course.  This is one of my instagram photos.  The other photos are from The Foxy Bean facebook page.

Love these old leather lounges and the timber walls.

And this is the garden out the back where you can have breakfast.  For the party they filled paper bags with coffee beans and put tea lights in them.  The food was delicious.  Cooked in their brand new kitchen.  All this with only a couple of hours notice!

So if you find yourself at Woolloongabba, why not drop into The Foxy Bean for a coffee (look out for the coffee beans set in the concrete floor) or call in for a wine at The Foxy Drop before a game at the Gabba.

This was me before the party - the theme was a touch of pink because it was supposed to be at the Pink Piano, but The Foxy Drop is the new place to be!

You can find the Foxy Bean website here.


  1. i'm in love with the recycled timber walls!
    glad you enjoyed yourself.

  2. Hello Kylie

    I noticed your instagram photos on the weekend and now I can connect the dots :)

    Glad to know there are some true Hero's in business when others fail.

    3 Cheers to the Foxy Drop for coming through for a most memorable occasion for you all.

    I will be happy to check it out in time.

    have a great day

    x Loulou

  3. Will definitely swing by the Fox Drop with Mr O as that looks like our kind of place. Also to Beachcomber, the recycled timber wall is actually wallpaper - I know dead set amazing (I have some this is how I know).....B:)

    1. Oh Brenda you're a smart cookie. I didn't realise it was wallpaper. I'll blame the champagne!

    2. Kylie it's so well done that you really have to look closely to see that it's not wood - I was amazed. I wonder if they photographed real wood and then printed that?

  4. How awesome that the restaurant came to the rescue for the birthday party! It looks like a cool place to hang out!

  5. You look lovely.
    I'll bet you had a fun night ;o)
    Woolloongabba looks like such a nice place to live......
    Have a great day!!!
    Tania xx


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