Thursday, 12 July 2012

Social Media with Natasha From Oz

The lovely Natasha, from Natasha in Oz blog wants us to share what social media we use.

I love instagram.  It's like Twitter but with pictures which suits me better.  I like that you can easily interact with the people you follow on a personal level.  The photos vary from beautifully styled pictures to simple and funny snap shots.  I have also joined Cas from Peaches & Maple in doing the interiors photo month challenge.  You will find details at The Interiors Addict here.

Theme - Bling

Theme - Light

Calling all Downtown Abbey Fans

Lou Lou from Here I am Lou Lou even challenged a couple of us to make her delicious smoothie.  I quickly responded to the challenge and learnt a whole new way to make smoothies taste great.

My other favourite social media is pinning.  Again because it uses pictures it stimulates my visual senses.  I love collecting pictures of pretty decorating ideas, things to make one day and even hair styles to try.  I have a feed of my pinterest photos down my side bar.  If you want to included one of these in your blog, you'll find the instructions here.  Here are some of my latest pins.

I have set up a basic facebook page here, but I still have a lot to learn with that.  I need to add a cover picture, change my profile picture, learn how to like other pages and set up apps.  Oh well, at least when you're learning, you're exercising the brain.  While I'm at it, I'll have to figure out what Goggle Plus is all about?

I also have a twitter account which I don't use very much as I prefer instagram.  I don't like the way I have to limit my messages to a certain number of characters, but I do share tweets from time to time.

So that's social media for me.  I'll be sharing this with Natasha's Social Media Link Party on Saturday.  For details of the party visit Natasha here.


  1. I use FB, pinterest, and twitter. When I upgraded my blog template, I had cute buttons put on my blog with those three. I have used instagram, but as I don't have an iphone, it's not something I automatically think of using.

    Love the images!!

  2. So many new ways to communicate and make our world smaller! Our responsibility is to use them responsibly and respectfully. We use all those you have mentioned but still learning their amazing capabilities. G.x

  3. Hey Kylie, I am loving instant am at the moment as I feel I can connect with people quickly. I love seeing the pictures you post and it's great being bale to comment or like the images fast, I find blogging slower and for this reason I am slack at leaving comments even on blogs like yours that I regularly visit and enjoy. I also use Facebook but find it very large and less personal. Cheers Katherine

  4. lovely photos! i much prefer the social media with pictures too.

  5. Beautiful images! Nice to meet you!

  6. Hi Kylie,

    Thank you so much for the shout out. You did an amazing job of the smoothie 😊

    I use all sources of social media - I adore instagram too - i can not believe the amount of people that have taken it up in e last month or so - perhaps it was the buyout by Facebook that shot the name up there even more in recognition.
    There are some days though now that fly by and I found y nightfall I didnt get to social media anything for the day.

    A lovely post Kylie and I'm cat hong up on some of your past posts now - I just read your soup post - it looks sensational and your photos were spot on. Well done.

    x Loulou

  7. Hi Kylie! I thoroughly enjoy seeing your photos on Instagram and your pins. I've had a little break from blogging recently but am back now so will be visiting here more often. Thanks for adding me on Twitter, I'm only fairly newish there but am addicted to that as well. Thanks for the link to the latest pins widget too, I havent seen that one before. Hope you are well, enjoy your weekend :)

  8. Thank you so much for joining in with my Social Media link up Kylie. I really feel so blessed to have met you here in the land of Blog and in real life!

    Best wishes,

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