Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Organic Dish Cloths

You're excited about a dish cloth?  Yes - Tragically I am.

When my mum came to visit recently, she introduced me to Rhonda Hetzels blog and her beautiful book of the same name Down to Earth.  I poured over the book until she left (taking it with her).

Book Cover:  Down to Earth

The book and blog are about Rhonda and her husband Hanno living a simple and fulfilling life in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.  In the book, Rhonda talks about knitted dish cloths.  You can see the blog post here.  About two weeks ago, I received a parcel from my mum containing 3 hand-knitted organic cotton and bamboo dish cloths.

I rang mum to thank her, and she said to me make sure you use them -They're really good and they don't smell.  Given that my mum hand knitted something that I would use to wipe down my benches, really touched me, so I gave them a try.

You know what?  They're really good and they don't smell.  No I mean it - they really don't smell.  You know those cheap blue wipes you buy in the supermarket. You hold them up to your nose, take a whiff, and nearly pass out before throwing it into the bin and scrubbing your hands because they now stink too?  Well hand knitted organic cloths don't smell, and because they're stronger than the cheap blue ones, you can wash them over and over again.  I found the bamboo one (brown in the picture) is slightly better than the cotton one (pale blue).

I'm not much of a knitter.  Drop one, pick up 5 kinda girl, so I have asked my mum that whenever she feels like sitting beside the fire to knit, that I would be very grateful for any bamboo or cotton dish cloths that make their way north to Brisbane.  If you're a knitter, why don't you give them a go?


  1. I was a knitter when I was a teenager, but hadn't done any knitting for years. When I wanted to get back into knitting, I took a refresher class, and in the class, we knit dish cloths - I had never heard of knit dish cloths before then!

    Your mum's cloths are pretty!

  2. I am a great believer in natural products,as I wrote about in my book. I learned to knit in Infant school,and dish cloths were the first thing we made. They certainly wash up well and good for the environment. I have never used the cotton and bamboo yarn though. A must try in the future when I've finished all the dolls clothes I'm knitting at the moment. xx

  3. Funny that Kylie. I have crocheted a few facecloths in organic cotton when I snatch a quiet moment on our travels. They are so fab for travelling. Can't wait to get back to civilisation and get the bamboo cotton too. xx

  4. they look good and are better for the environment. love them!

  5. I love Rhonda's blog! Maybe I should give the washcloths a go- I am only a very basic knitter so maybe I can manage one or two!

  6. I might give crocheting onn another go. I made a cotton one a while back but the weave was too tight and it never really dried out. I am sure I have some bamboo stashed away somewhere.

  7. Hi Kylie! Found you (yay!!) :)
    I love this idea, hate that dish rag smell (ewww). They look so lovely too, might have to give this a try! Jo xx


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