Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The French Corner, Newmarket

I was meeting a friend for coffee who lives on the northside of Brisbane, so we decided to meet at The French Corner, 240 Enoggera Road, Newmarket.  I had driven past the shop a couple of times and had wanted to have a look inside.

This is out the front of the shop.  Look at those beautiful lanterns.

Want to come inside?

Beautiful table displays.

So many lovely decor pieces.  There is just so much stock in the shop.

French armchairs

Cushions and pillows

The most amazing lights.  There is a whole room full of lamps and chandeliers.

and French style furniture.

I would love to tell you about the people who run the shop, but the whole time I was there - a good 5 minutes, I didn't see anyone.  I could hear somebody out the back, but nobody was in the shop.  In any case, if you're on the north side of Brisbane and love all things French, then it's well worth a look.

If you're after a coffee, walk down to the hardware store, only 100 metres away and follow the painted footsteps to the back of the store.  There you will find a quirky little gift shop that sells cakes and coffee.  My friend and I sat on the back balcony.  You would honestly never know it was there.

PS - Sorry the photos are small.  For some reason Blogger will only let me change the size of the first 2 photos, then I can't change the others.  Who knows?


  1. What a beautiful store. I adore that little desk and I bet they'd have a nice bedside table of two in there as well? Brisbane seems to have a lot of nice shops. We don't seem to have the choice down here, though there are a couple of stores a little like this one, but the furniture is very expensive.
    Coffee and cake with a friend sounds very nice. I like little hidden away places :)

    1. I wouldn't say the prices here were cheap, but the shop was inspiring. Like the burlap label on the glass jar would be easy to make.

  2. Looks gorgeous but doesn't sound like they were too interested in making a sale!
    I love the British cushion x

  3. looks gorgeous! love the black exterior.

  4. It looks like a lovely store Kylie, so many pretties. xx

  5. It looks gorgeous, and I love the sound of the painted footsteps leading to the cafe in the hardware store!

  6. This is near my neck of the woods Kylie and I love browsing through the shop. They have some gorgeous stuff and so much packed into the shop. I have those union jack cushions with the crest on the front. I must admit to never spotting the hardware store cafe - I must look out for it next time.

  7. I popped in once Kylie on a Sunday and with just a few folk in the store no one could move so I gave up and left. Such a shame because they have lovely things but too crowded for me.
    Had no idea about the cafe.

  8. Beautiful store Kylie, I popped into Brisbane this evening for an hour, I would have loved to stop over for a few days and visit all the lovely places we follow here in blogland. Hamo was fabulous, I miss it already. Thanks for your lovely messages on my blog.x

  9. I've been there many times and it's funny how trustworthy the owners are! They are actually very high profile business people who have quite a big name with the Chamber of Commerce!

    Isn't that coffee shop amazing! It's great that you are discovering our hidden secrets on the Northside!

    Best wishes and have a great week.

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