Friday, 22 February 2013

Finally Some New Carpet

Have you ever lived with old stained carpet that never looks clean and wondered 'what would it feel like with fresh new carpet?'.  Well it feels fantastic!!!!

This is our formal living room which we call 'The Good Room'.  I was oiling our timber blinds last year and knocked over a whole tin of Danish oil on the carpet.  That was the final straw - the carpet HAD to be replaced.

The old carpet was a cheap cream carpet that was 15 years old and had seen better days.  You ready?

and now ... Ta Da

Beautiful 100% wool sisal Godfrey Hurst (Australian made) carpet in 'Linen'.
I did a quick new carpet house tour on instagram.  Here are the pictures in case you missed them.  The Guest bedroom.

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom Retreat area

The teenager's room.

The pre-teen Drama Queen's room

The upstarirs retreat, craft room, creative space, bookcases, and general storage sometimes even play room.

I am sitting in the office now, with my shoes off rubbing my feet on the carpet as I type.  We used premium underlay so the carpet is so soft and feels like you are walking on a cloud.

So if you are contemplating putting in new carpet.  Just do it.  It feels amazing.

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  1. Your new carpet looks very luxurious!

  2. New carpet is the best, isn't it? We don't have any carpet in our current home, but I remember how nice it was to walk on the new carpet we had laid in our old place. Yours looks lovely. We have a 'good room' too!

  3. Love that new carpet smell. Looks great Kylie . Have a great weekend x

  4. It all looks so tidy and fresh.
    I drove my hubby mad to get rid of our carpet and polish the baltic floors. We did and love it. He loves carpet,but I got sick of the spot cleaning and it never felt fresh. Yours looks good quality so should stay pretty nice.:)

  5. Wow!! Looks great Kylie, I love that new carpet smell, it smells clean!!

  6. How exciting! A new floor always makes everything else seem better too! All the rooms look great!

  7. I feel your excitment, good job! what a lovely place to blog!
    Bec x

  8. I love it! Hope everything's going well with everything :)
    Cas x

  9. Nothing like some carpet to freshen up the house. Thank God you knocked the oil over on 15 year old carpet.

  10. Wow, it looks amaze kylie. Can I just say it one more time, your house is huge! Its looking very beautiful too! Oh Enjoy! xx

  11. Glad you decided to get some new ones, as the old carpets looked like they were in a very sad state. The new ones look warm and fuzzy. You've got some great-looking rooms, by the way.

    Kraig Baade @

  12. Time is of the essence when it comes to recently stained carpets. The longer you leave the stain unattended, the harder it’ll be for you to clean it out. And if you’re going to do DIY, be sure to do it right. Use your DIY tools carefully. Rushing the job will only leave more soap residue on your carpet, doing the opposite of what it’s supposed to do.

    Deidra Schaefer @


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