Friday, 8 February 2013

Mini-Makeover for the Walk in Wardrobe

I am grateful that I have a walk in wardrobe.  It's lovely to be able to see all your clothes hanging there to decide what to wear.

When we first moved into this house over 12 years ago, the walk in robe just had a shelf and single hanging rail.  Several years ago, Dad lifted the shelf to 2 metres high so we could add a drawer unit and double-hanging.  The basic wardrobe units you can buy are pretty simple looking.

I decided mine needed to look a little nicer.  So I added some molding around the drawers and replaced the basic C-style handles with square pull handles.

I didn't repaint the whole drawer.  I just painted the molding white to match.  Screw on the new handles and voila!!!

Why can't they just make them like this?  Is it just that everything is made to look modern and I'm not a modern girl?

I also bought some clear acrylic shoe boxes from Howard's Storage World.  I have over 40 pairs of shoes.  Is that excessive?  I don't think so, but I'd be interested to hear how many other people have.

My friends on instagram know that I have a serious condition of repeat buying.  In this case it's white shirts.  I have a lot of them.

The old wardrobe insert?  Well it went onto my husband's side.  He'll have to wait until I'm motivated enough to buy and trim another wardrobe insert before his side looks as stylish as mine.

So that's the laundry cupboard and the walk in robe sorted.  I'm on a roll!  Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. You really are - the changes make a wonderful difference. We are closet poor in this old house. I use an old cedar wardrobe! Enjoy your lovely closet!

  2. Well done, you should go shopping now.x

  3. There's no stopping you is there? Fancy coming round my place and sorting out the wardrobe?

  4. That looks so organised. You can't have too many white shirts kor shoes either.
    Ps Hope all is well with you

  5. Your robe is looking so organised Kylie! I just reorganised mine over the weekend, it was looking a lil shabby. Love your trim, how clever you are to think of that. It looks lovely! Have a great day x

  6. If we have a large collection of clothes and accessories, then presence of wardrobe units is a necessary thing. It is very effective not only to make the room spacious but also to keep the clothes safe.


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