Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pinning Away the Time

Whenever something is playing on my mind, I turn to pinterest as a distraction, and a pleasant way to pass the time until the issue is resolved.  I have some things on my mind at the moment, so I've been madly pinning.

Why is it that a few stems of fresh flowers suddenly make something look beautiful?

I appreciate having a plain white dinner set makes sense, but I would really love to eat off something pretty like this.

Even though I just cleaned out my wardrobe and I am really happy with it, why can't it look like this?

I really want one of Sandy's armoires.  Did you hear that she is now the Brisbane/Gold Coast distributor for Annie Sloan paints?  Check it out here.


Did you know that ivy kissing balls are symbolic of love and commitment   With everything that is happening in our lives at the moment, I forgot to wish my husband a happy valentine's day this morning.  I'm sorry.  I'll make it up to you tonight.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Pinning.

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  1. Love those pics Kylie . I too have a white classic dinner set -food always looks great but sometimes wish for a bit of whimsy :). Hope things get sorted out for you soon hon. Have a happy day xx

  2. Hope you are okay chick. Let me know if you want to talk. Will see you next week :)
    Cas xxxx

  3. P.s you pin the most beautiful things :)
    C x

    1. Thanks Cas. I think I'm a little addicted to pinning. Talk to you next Tuesday.

  4. Beautiful pictures Kylie, especially love Sandy's armoire. Happy pinning, have a lovely day.x

  5. Love those plates- I have plain white too in my everyday and in my good dinner sets- so boring!
    Hope all is OK, praying that what ever it is will work out soon!

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  7. I think some of your real snaps of your home look just as fab as these.... seriously! I hope your having a great weekend. Have you started work on your sideboard? Think it will look amaze when finished. Rach xx


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