Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Magnolia Love

I just love magnolias, do you?  I decided I wanted a little more magnolia in my house.

What I started with

Earthborn Homewares had the most beautiful artificial magnolias on sale for half price at $9.95 per stem, so I picked up 4.  I already had the white butterfly pot.  It is a Jamie Durie one from Big W.  The dry floral foam is from the discount shop (Overflow).

I cut the magnolias down to a size that better suited the pot.  I used wire cutters as them stems were thick.

Then I cut the floral foam to size with a knife and inserted it into the pot.  To arrange the flowers, I just pushed the stems into the foam.

The problem is - you can see the foam (not pretty), so I cut a piece of fake moss mat that I had (from House & Garden), then pushed the flowers back through the moss and the foam.

Here's my magnolia arrangement.

You can play around with the stems and leaves, bending them into shape. 

This is in my family room, and just around the corner is the magnolia wreath in the dining room. 

Magnolias make me happy.  How about you?

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  1. Your magnolia's are great! Your wreath, tassels and cupboard are too divine! I love Magnolia's too. Magnolia was actually the name I chose if one of my boys was a girl... alas it was not meant to be ;-). Hop your having a great day!

  2. a great idea! the last shot is so gorgeous! i thought i was looking at a magazine photo.

  3. was just saying last weekend I must get a magnolia tree on our property...it takes me back to my childhood!
    Bec x

  4. I love them too. These artificial ones are so pretty. I'm counting down the next few weeks before we start to see all of the neighbourhood trees blooming locally (though we are still having snow here so I think it is at least another 4-6 weeks away)!

  5. The Magnolias are so clean and white looking and a really beautiful contrast with your blue and white collection which I love......B:)

  6. You had me with the potted magnolia, and then I saw wreath! That's really lovely.


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