Monday, 17 September 2012

Caring for a Stainless Steel BBQ

Summer's on it's way and it's time to crank up the BBQ.  Problem is, our BBQ was looking very old and tired.  Time for some elbow grease and some love.

Firstly, all the decals had worn off.

so I scraped them off.

I printed up some new labels on water-slide decal paper.  
Sprayed the sheet with a couple of coats of clear matt sealer, then applied them to the BBQ, the same way that I made a decal bottle vase here.

They're not perfect but at least I know where Hi and Lo are now.

Then it was time to clean the BBQ.  A quick wipe over with warm soapy water, then a good scrub with Gumption to remove rust, dirt, and other marks.  Then what do you do to keep your sparkling stainless steel looking like new?  Well you follow my friend Dana's advice, and you wipe it all over with cheap baby oil.  

It works a treat.

I even cleaned out the drawers, so I had everything I need at hand.

So now our 7 year old BBQ looks like new again.  

All we have to do now is fill the gas bottle.

My husband loves his BBQ.  He even took it to our tiny London terrace where it took up half the courtyard.  Our London neighbours came over for an Australia Day barbie, and remarked "Now that's a BBQ.  You're definitely Aussies."  You bet we are.


  1. wow.. you did a great job kylie! great barbeque.

  2. OMG Kylie, thank you, thank you, thank you. Our weber looks terrible and it's a $2000 BBQ so i should take care of it. I am so going to do this. I love gumption but haven't heard about the baby oil trick.
    this is tomorrow's task.
    cheers Fiona

  3. Looks fabulous- will have to remember the baby oil trick!

  4. She sure does look like new and that idea of re doing the heat indicators is genius. I have the same problem with my stove and will book make this for future reference.

    Have a great week Kylie

  5. Oh my goodness, it looks like new! Awesome job Kylie :)
    Cas x

  6. Your BBQ has come up looking fabulous for spring/summer, some great tips, i just started cleaning mine on the weekend, still going, I was distracted by some weeding.x

    1. I know, I said to Fiona at Lilyfield Life - what a glamorous life we lead cleaning BBQ's.

  7. Love the baby oil trick! Also made the Banana & Walnut Loaf on the weekend and it was scrumptious. All the family gave it the thumbs up - thanks Kylie....B:)

    1. Oh Brenda, you make my day with your kind comments. Glad you liked the cake. I made it on the weekend too as I had to sit at Chandler all day for my daughter's aerobics and I new I wouldn't be able to eat anything from the canteen. It's so much nicer eating real food. I just need to be a lot more organised with it!
      Cheers Kylie

  8. Don't have a BBQ but will have to try the baby oil trick on my stove! x

    1. I use the same cleaning method on my dishwasher and anything stainless steel.

  9. When we bought our BBQ (coincedentally; the EXACT same one as yours!) the delivery guys told us about the baby oil clean. I was very religious but have now gotten pretty's definitely time again! We had a resident rodent who liked eating residual fat off the cookplate...euwwwh!!! Hubby cut a length of timber to slot under roll back hood to block him. Now the plate is totally sealed from invasion! x KL


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