Monday, 10 September 2012

Drink More Water

Yeah, yeah, I know - drink more water.  In summer, I'm really good at drinking water, but sometimes I tend to forget.

Why should I drink water?

Because it's good for you! 

There are so many reasons - boost energy levels, promote weight loss, regulate body temperature, improve your skin, help prevent headaches, fight infections, decrease water retention, aid digestion, eliminate toxins, keep things moving (if you know what I mean), and your brain, heart and kidneys will thank you for it.

Tips to build the water drinking habit

  • Carry a stylish water bottle with you.  Well it doesn't have to be stylish but it helps.  Living in Brisbane, water bottles can heat up pretty quickly so I use a stainless steel insulated water bottle to help keep the water cold (Camelback or Thermos are good)
  • I take my drink bottle in the car or wherever I go, and try to refill it at least once during the day.
  • Drink water at the temperature you like - chilled, room temperature or warm.
  • Add a gentle flavour to your water - cucumber slices, a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, mint leaves, slices of apples & strawberries.   Don't add cordial and sugar.  There is a great article on drinking more water and links to flavoured water recipes at Good Life Eats here.
  • This isn't an option for everyone, but we bought one of those fridges with the water dispenser and ice-maker and I noticed a big difference in how much water everyone in my family drinks now.  Convenience helps.  If you can't do the fridge thing, consider keeping bottles of water cold in the fridge and a bucket of ice in the freezer.
  • Herbal tea counts as water. 
  • If you drink caffeine or alcohol you need to be the water police and fine yourself with an extra glass of water.
  • Find triggers to remind you to have a drink of water.  Eg:  drink from your water bottle everytime you arrive at school to drop off or pick up the kids, or when you pull up at a red light.
How much water should I drink each day?

There are all sorts of guidelines and formula's to work this out. 
8 x 8oz (240ml) glasses a day = 1.8 litres
Weight in kilograms divided by 50 (or weight in pounds divided by 2) 
Eg: 60kg/50 = 1.2 litres per day

I'm not one for counting and measuring too much, so I follow the Innocent Smoothie Wee-ometer.  Innocent smoothies are to the UK what Nudie smoothies and juices are to Australia - healthy and really yummy.  I have a copy of their recipe book which you can find here.

So if your wee looks or smells like you've been at the office party or spent a night out with Keith Richards rather than Wee Nirvana or I can pee clearly now, then you need to drink more water.

Remember if you're thirsty, you're probably already dehydrated.  You need to drink before you feel thirsty.  Now go grab a glass of water.  Be kind to your body.


  1. Haha love this .
    Best wishes Kylie x

  2. That's cool......
    I like to fill my pretty Anna Gare bottle and see how much I can drink ;o)
    Tania xx

  3. I always forget my water bottle and end up just grabbing a coke from the shop - very bad habit I know. I must try harder! We used to have a water fridge before we moved to our current place, but just dont have the room for one anymore. I used to drink a lot of water when we had that fridge, it used to be exciting pushing buttons for shaved ice and fresh cold water!!

  4. and if you are hungry you are probably thirsty also.
    I am working on upping my water intake also. I used to drink 3 litres a day but got off track.
    great post Kylie. i'm off to have a glass of water now! actually make that 2...

  5. Teehee...wee-ometer! I'm revving up the water intake lately, as well as the exercise and healthy eating. I'm such a porky-pie at the mo!
    Cas x

  6. I am very very bad at water consumption so thanks for the reminder. I would also be very frightened if I every saw a beetroot surprise!

  7. I'm always hassling my children & hubby about their inadequate water intake. A trip to a very highly regarded Urologist had me questioning my nagging. He said forget counting glasses etc...go with the colour. Your Wee Nirvana is absolutely spot on! Great advice!
    x KL

  8. Thanks lovely ladies. Raising a big glass of water to you - Cheers!

  9. I love water, but at times I get busy and forget to drink as much as I should, but I never leave home without a bottle of water and love putting something yummy in a big jug at the beginning of the day.


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