Monday, 3 September 2012

The Cook & The Chef - Maggie & Simon

I loved watching the ABC's cooking program The Cook and The Chef.  I've even got it on dvd.  So when we went to the Barossa for the weekend I had to visit Maggie Beer's Farm Shop.

At the end of the shop is a veranda with seats that overlooks the dam, and if you stick your head around there you will find ...

The kitchen set where they filmed The Cook and the Chef.  I can't believe I'm standing in the kitchen!!!!

My husband thinks he's a chef!

The portrait of Maggie & Simon on the wall.

Oh what fun.  The next day, we headed over to  Artisian's of Barossa Cellar Door, where Simon Bryant was cooking for Gourmet weekend..

We had some wine and lunch while we were there.

and guess what?  I met Simon.

He is just so lovely.  He chatted to us for a while.  So friendly and genuine.  If you like Simon as much as I do, check out his website here

Now Maggie, if you're out there, all my daughter asked me to bring home from the Barossa was your autograph, but she is very smitten with Simon's photo!


  1. How exciting! I love that show and have been thinking about buying the DVD's!

  2. i love the show too! maggie beer is so lovely. glad you got to go there and meet Simon.

  3. What a fabulous weekend away!! How fantastic that you got to meet Simon too. x

  4. Oh that looks like you had fun and how great to meet Simon. How cool is that big set of shelves/pigeonholes? Amazing!

  5. Look at all the jars of preserves...yummo! Now that's something I would love to have a go at. What a wonderful weekend & how beautiful is the Barossa. x Jodi

  6. I loved that show as well & Simon is so lovely to listen too. Thanks for your comment. Have a great day. KP

  7. I hate cooking but I would definitely go to Maggie's farm shop if I had the chance! Lovely photos x

  8. I love Maggie to bits and how lovely that you met Simon. You look so good in the photo with Simon and it shows that the new healthy eating is obviously agreeing with you.......B:) x

  9. Wow - I can't believe you got to meet Simon. I really enjoyed that show. And I agree with Brenda - you are looking great :) F xx


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