Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Vintage finds in the Barossa

Just wanted to share a couple of little vintage finds from the Barossa.  We went to a few antique shops and there were lots of things I would have liked to buy that simply wouldn't fit into my weekend size suitcase, but here's a couple of things that did .

This is a small square of tissue paper that would have been used to wrap around the oranges.  Imagine that - beautifully wrapped oranges grown in Australia.

I've popped it in a frame.  Now I have to decide where to hang it.

 This is a selection of vintage postcards - there's The Round Church, Cambridge; The Round Tower and Edward III tower at Windsor Castle and Edinburgh Castle.  There was a whole box of vintage postcards, but I chose these as they are all places I have been to.

And this one with the rippled edges is the Parma Baptisery in Parma, Italy.  We stopped in Parma when we drove from Lake Como down to Tuscany.  It was very hot and we ate a great big plate of Parma ham, as you do in Parma!

Finally I picked up this small rusty key, which fits in the keyhole of my great great grandfather's chest.  It doesn't work but I always wished I had a key for the key hole and now I do.

Enjoy your week. Spring has arrived in Brisbane and it's time to switch the jeans for skirts and dresses.


  1. lovely finds and nice memories of your trip. we have a similar chest. love yours with the key!

  2. Gosh Kylie,

    they are all so lovely and how clever of you with your framing action! It really looks great.

    I am in love with that trunk (did you say Great Great???) That is amazing.

    have a lovely day

    x Loulou

  3. ooh I adore that mother has one similar and my 3 sisters and I all have dibs on it....I'm her favourite though so surely it's mine.:)
    Bec x

  4. nice finds,I love old keys. So pl eased you enjoyed your visit to our State. It's a wonder the tissue stayed in one piece,being so old.
    Wasn't it nice when the fruit in the corner shops were wrapped like that.We had to pay $1.65 for one tomato today. Thank goodness it is Spring and the tomatoes will be ripening on the bushes soon. xx

  5. Interesting finds Kylie! It's great having some things to remember a nice time away x

  6. great finds, love how you framed the tissue paper!

  7. Sweet finds Kylie :)
    Cas x

  8. I adore the orange tissue wrapping and you're such a clever girl to think of framing it - it looks fabulous.....B:)

  9. Great finds Kylie. Love bringing treasures home from holidays :). Key looks perfect in your beautiful trunk. Jo xx


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