Friday, 28 September 2012

Chicken wire cloche

When I went out to the shed the other day to get some paint, I spotted a roll of chicken wire that we bought to keep Gus, our schnoodle, out of the pool area when he was a puppy.  Hmmm, I wonder what I could use that for?  Maybe a cloche?

The chicken wire I had is only narrow, so I cut 2 lengths and bent it round to form a cylinder.  Twist the cut wire edges together to join the chicken wire.  

I then put one on top of the other and joined them together. If you had wider chicken wire you wouldn't need to do this.

I cut another small piece of chicken wire and bent it into a dome shape for the top.  I slipped it inside the cylinder and just pushed and squeezed the wire together to hold it in place.  Then tied a piece of Hessian around the top.

It's not perfect, but it was free.  I placed it in the shelves in the cinema room.

I don't know how good it would be at keeping out the flies?

I recently read an article by an interior designer.  Before she buys anything for her clients, she starts by shopping their home to look for things she can use.  I like the concept of looking around your house before you head to the shops.  Sometimes you might even have to look in the shed.  It's a real bonus when you can make or find things for free.  Do you shop your home?

This is my last post for Decorating Forum.  
Thank you for featuring my blog this week.


  1. I actually have a round wire thing I god op shopping the other day to use as a cloche, and the went to pinterest this morning for some styling inspiration and now you have done a post about one. I have been meaning to make a wire one too!

  2. Love it Kylie. Yep, totally shop the house first around here :)
    Cas x

  3. I love it Kylie. You are one clever chickie (excuse the pun lol). I always shop my house first. Until recently I have kept many of my decorating items just for this reason. You can so easily repurpose something. But as we are moving overseas soon I have had to get ruthless. The Good Sammys have benefited greatly from my decluttering.
    We have loved featuring you this week on the Decorating Forum. Thanks for such wonderful posts all week <3

  4. it looks great! love the wire with the apples.

  5. It looks fantastic! Have a lovely weekend:)

  6. I def love to shop my home before I head to the shops. Love your Cloche... so inventive if you. Would never have thought of it in a million years. It looks great next to all your other lovelies Rx


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