Friday, 27 May 2011

Customising A Bed Valance

I needed a plain white bed valance to hide the bed ensemble in the guest bedroom.  That was until I saw this photo in a Pottery Barn Catalogue.

Image from Pottery Barn
Those simple buttons sewn at the top of the box pleats make all the difference.  So off to Spotlight (craft & home furnishings shop) I go and purchase a plain white queen size box pleated valance for $36.  I search through my button jar and find 5 pretty mother of pearl shell buttons.

I've sewn the buttons about 10cm (3 5/8 inches) from the top of the pleat, being careful to keep the pleat lines straight as I sew.

I'm happy with the results.  I think the buttons add a small touch of special to what is otherwise a very plain and basic item.  Thanks for the idea Pottery Barn.


  1. Very clever idea. You've turned something quite plain into something special. x Sharon

  2. Kylie, well done...the valance looks gorgeous. Don't you wish there was a Pottery Barn in Aus (and U.K.)...Freedom just doesn't cut it! I once sewed a valance...years ago...and I used dental floss so that I could gather it around the really worked as the floss allowed me to pull the fabric along very easily. Haven't sewed anything that clever since...Robx

  3. Great idea!!! I should go do this to mine right now!


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