Monday, 16 May 2011

First Post - Be Grateful

Hello Blog land.  This is the first post in my self-imposed therapy to enjoy life and be grateful for what I have.

I am really very lucky.  I have a happy family life with a husband, 2 school-age children and a lot of pressure to get a puppy.  We were fortunate enough to spend two years living in central London.  We had a great time full of opportunities and experiences.  When we returned to Brisbane in August 2010 we were so happy to be back with our friends, and to move back into our house.  When I opened the door for the first time in two years I was grateful to be home; for the sunlight streaming through the windows; for the green parkland that we back onto; and for the sheer size and space compared to our little inner-London terrace.  The house looked better than I had remembered.

Fast forward 10 months and what's happened?  Suddenly I am unhappy with the house.  When I walk into a room, instead of seeing what's lovely about it, I only seem to see what needs to be done ... that wall needs painting, I hate that ceiling fan, there's no point cleaning the bathroom when the shower screen's so old and yucky.  I would see pictures of beautiful homes on blog sites and in magazines and start to feel depressed.  Why don't I have a house like that?  I was spiralling into a very negative thought pattern and I needed to change.  So the idea for this blog was born in an attempt to remind myself to be grateful for what I do have, to get enjoyment out of the little things in life, and to be proud of the changes I can make.  Here we go!


  1. Well done, keep going, the first post is the hardest. Feel very proud of you.

  2. It is so lovely to see an Australian version of this type of blog. I love looking at home decor blogs but they always have American things that we can't get here. I think your home is just lovely, and like all homes it is a 'work in progress' so don't get discouraged when you see other beautiful homes - just have fun planning what you will do too one day. I hope your blog grows and grows!


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