Friday, 20 May 2011

Scrabble Letter Magnets

I like making words with scrabble tiles.  I remember playing scrabble for hours on end when I was a child.  I mentioned to Mum that if she ever came across some scrabble tiles in a charity shop, could she pick them up for me, and sure enough she did. 

They sat in my drawer for a couple of weeks as I wondered what I would do with them, and then it came to me ... I'll turn them into magnets.  So I grabbed some scissors and a roll of Xyron magnetic tape and stuck small squares of tape onto the back of each tile.

In about 20 minutes I had my Scrabble Tile magnets.

Then I had some fun with them leaving little messages around the house.

A message for my kids

A message for my husband

Friday Night Drinkies

Now how many points is this word worth?


  1. Greetings to you from Canada! Isn't this fun that we can "chat" this way even though we're separated by so many miles?...I love your creative use of tiles. Way to "think outside the box". And keep on blogging. You're doing a great job! (I'm your newest follower...)

  2. Great idea to make them into magnets! I thought everybody had done everything with scrabble tiles but I haven't seen this one before.

  3. Hi Kylie,

    So nice stopping by to visit with you and peruse your lovely and new blog! Already so many great ideas and posts! I love the scrabble tiles and the sweet notes :)

    Kindly, Lorraine


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