Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Stylish Setting - Hall Table

Welcome to my home.  Come on in.  This is the entrance hall.

I almost got rid of this little table in our entrance hall.  It has screw-on legs that were wonky and the white paint had turned yellow.  I looked around for a new one, but I couldn't find anything I liked or if I did it was too expensive so I decided it was time to give the table a freshen up.

A quick sand and a coat of Dulux 'Whisper White' from the spray gun and it looked new again.  I screwed the legs back on and secured them with some Selleys Aquadhere wood glue.  One leg's still a little wonky but that's ok.

This photo was the inspiration for my hall table.  It was in a White Company Christmas catalogue and I just loved the combination of white, glass, and silver.

I already had the white bird house and I bought the little topiary trees from Target a few years ago when they were in their Shabby Chic phase.  The little white bird was from a pretty little homewares shop in Mildura, Victoria and the elegant silver bird was from Maison Living in Glen Iris, Melbourne.  The crystals were a gift from my very stylish friend, Julia and the little silver bowl was from Supply & Demand in High Street, Armadale.  The pretty etched mirror was from Laura Ashley in London.

The hallway is such a busy place with people coming and going, and often there are piles of school bags dumped on the floor.  It's also the first area visitors see and I wanted to create a pretty setting that sets the tone for the rest of the house.

My daughter keeps her hairbrush and school ribbons in one of the table drawers so I can quickly plait her hair before we race to school in the mornings.  She checks her hair in the the mirror and we're off.

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  1. I love your hall table! I have a tiny foyer with many openings off it, so there's very little room for a table, but this looks like the perfect size table for my own entrance - I wish I had one just like it!


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