Monday, 30 May 2011

Girl's Weekend Hamilton Island

I am incredibly lucky.  I have just spent the weekend with three of my dearest friends at the stunningly beautiful Hamilton Island in The Whitsundays. 

We all met when our boys (all our eldest children) started at the same school in Prep (Reception).  Our boys are all now at different schools, but we have remained friends. 

We don't see each other every week or spend hours talking on the phone - we just pick up our friendship from wherever we last left it.  There's no "Why haven't you called me?", just lots of squealing, laughing, talking and hugs.

Your friendships with your girl friends are unique.

I will cherish the memories I have of this weekend, as I cherish my friendships with these lovely ladies.

I have made them all a Thank You card with this photo inside.

Thanks for a great weekend!


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