Monday, 23 May 2011

I'm Grateful for Fresh Flowers

I love fresh flowers.

Lavender at Kew Gardens, photo taken by my son on a school excursion

In Melbourne and Sydney all the high street greengrocers have buckets of fresh flowers out the front.  In London, Northcote Road had a number of flower stalls filled with beautiful flowers, especially peonies.  Here in Brisbane if you were to put fresh flowers outside your shop they'd be wilted from heat and humidity very quickly.

Rain forest Flower at Mt Tambourine, photo taken by my husband

When my husband and I lived in Sydney I would often by flowers from the street stall on the way home from work or on a Saturday morning when I walked up Glebe Point Road. I would do the same in Northcote Road, but back here in Brisbane I've barely bought a bunch. 

Daisies at Kew Gardens, photo taken by my son on a school excursion

When we eventually get around to re-planting our front garden beds, I want to fill them with flowers that I can cut and bring inside.  In the meantime I will just have to treat myself to some bought flowers.

Lilies from Suzi

I like simple floral arrangements, not the overly fancy ones you see in florists.

Take time out of your busy life to stop and smell the roses, or gardenias, or whatever flowers you enjoy.

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  1. Kylie, I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying the huge abundance of cut flowers on offer here in U.K. Every week at the supermarket I buy a couple of bunches...they are pretty cheap. I do, however, remember when we moved to Yeppoon in QLD years ago, and I was horrifed at the lack of fresh cut flowers available. Then I realised that simply transporting them from the cooler more southern states meant they were already deteriorating...let alone keeping them fresh in a QLD climate. Although I think they have improved in Yeppoon and Rocky, the florists at the time seem to lack any imagination whatsoever...I bought a bunch of gerberas once and asked the florist to wire each one (as they go floppy so quickly)...well she looked at me with amazement...and couldn't understand the request!! At least those lilies of yours should last a while. Enjoy. Robx


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