Friday, 5 August 2011

A New Ironing Board Cover

I have a brilliant Brabantia ironing board.  It has a big ironing surface and is solid and steady, but the cover is ... well... it gives me a headache.  I would normally have changed the cover straight away but this cover has a heat resistant section on the end where you can keep your iron face down without it burning.  I don't iron like that so the cover HAS to go.

Seriously, could you iron with this pattern glaring at you?

I found some pretty blue and white floral fabric at Spotlight reduced to $6 per metre.  It's heavy furnishing weight fabric and 100% cotton.  Perfect!

To make the cover I traced around the old cover and added a seam allowance.  I ironed some white bias binding tape in half, laid some curtain cord inside the fold, then sewed it around the border of the ironing board cover.  Place the cover on the ironing board and pull up the strings for a tight fit.  You can tie them in a knot or use a toggle to keep the cords tight.

So much better, right?

I also followed Michelle from {primp} and stencilled a number on my laundry basket.  I loved her numbered farmhouse basket.  I chose the number 3 as that is usually how many loads of washing I have to do at a time - darks, lights and another.

I love fragrant linen water.  In the UK I could choose from a large selection from the supermarket, but in Australia the only place I have found it at a reasonable price is Dusk.  I have found a recipe to make your own ironing water with essential oils but I need to come to terms with using vodka in a spray bottle rather than pouring it in a glass over ice.

If I told my friends that I made a new cover for my ironing board they would say why - it's just an ironing board?  What I love about my friends from the world of home decor/DIY blogs is that they would say well done - why wouldn't you make a new cover?

When I walk into my laundry and see this, I am so much happier.  It almost makes ironing enjoyable.

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  1. Great makeover! And I love, love, love your numbered basket!


  2. Whew! That IS much better! lol! I didn't know you had to use vodka to make a spray for linens...? Interesting! Just buy an extra!

    xoxo laurie

  3. Ha! I would have to change covers too. The previous number was positively psychadellic. Well done on the new version, very clever, and looks great!

  4. I love that numbered basket! And it was a great idea to change the original iron table cover.

  5. I totally agree! It's amazing how a fresh new ironing board cover and a bottle of beautiful linen spray can make the whole process of ironing so much more enjoyable.
    Thank you for popping by and saying hi! Definitely go back to Bed Bath n'Table and grab those little bottles - you won't regret it. ;)Sharyne

  6. Thank goodness as your old cover was giving me a headache just looking at it. It was a bit like a time tunnel that you might fall into. I'm loving the pretty new blue one - so nice and fresh in comparison.

  7. That would give me a headache too! Love the blue floral.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. It looks great- the fabric is so pretty! I think your ironing board has a whole new personality now too! :) Thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  9. Much better and very pretty. Love the stenciled laundry basket too. I make my own lavender spray but I've never added vodka. Going to Google that! That original cover was pretty wild! Thank you for linking with air your laundry Friday!


  10. I know what you mean by 'it almost makes ironing enjoyable.' Ha!
    Pam x


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