Monday, 15 August 2011

Shopping the US

Today I came home to find a parcel had been delivered.

No - I didn't put a vase of flowers there to make the DHL box look pretty.  I am keeping the promise I made to myself to buy more fresh flowers.  I bought these on Saturday for $8 from Woolworths.

So what was the delivery?  Well every now and then I get so frustrated with the lack of product choice in Australia that I find myself shopping online in the US.  The problem is, not all US web sites will ship internationally.  The way around this is a freight forwarder.  I have been using My Us for about 4 years.  They give you an address in Florida so you can have all your deliveries sent there and then they consolidate and repack your goods into the most economical package and send it to you.

You pay a small annual fee and obviously you pay the freight to have the goods shipped to you.  This usually ranges $80-120.  To justify the freight I only order items that I simply cannot get here in Australia, or items that are so much cheaper in the US that even with the freight charges, I am still in front.  I requested this delivery on Wednesday night and it was here Monday morning.  So what was in my package today?

A strange mix really. 
  • I ordered a pile of wooden craft pieces so I can try to make some ribbon spools like Beth from Home Stories AtoZ did.  She just had to walk into Hobby Lobby to buy round timber discs.  I have to get them shipped half way around the world.
  • Some 2" square removable labels.  Seriously you'd think you could buy these in Australia?  I like removable labels so you don't have to scrub off sticky glue when you need to change the label.
  • Some Quicksilver shorts and t-shirts for my son.  Quicksilver surf wear was started in Australia, but it's half the price and has twice the range for kids in the US????
  • Lastly I bought a yard of beautiful script fabric from HouseFabric.  It was $18.95 per yard.  The closest fabric I've seen here was $99 per metre at Brisbane Fabric Market.

I am going to make some pillows for my bed.  You always take a bit of a risk when you order online but the colours in this fabric work perfectly with my bedhead and curtains.

I'm all for buying Australian Made but here's to Shopping the US when you need it.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this info! I am actually saving my pennies to make a trip to the US next year. Things are so much cheaper over there and the choices are endless!

    Best wishes,

  2. We- hee! I just found your blog and read it through.
    " Dang, girlfriend´s got my kind of a home ", I thought.
    Excellent! A welcome addition to my favorites.

    PS. I too make my own ironing water. I just use few drops of EO ( usually lavender ) to a btl of water. No vodka. We are allergic to the stuff it´s made of so I just stopped using it. There´s no difference, in my opinion. So I suggest you just keep pouring your vodka on the rocks and start enjoying scented ironing water sans alcohol.

  3. I'm looking through your old posts, and am shocked at how much you pay to have something freighted to you!

    I moved to the US from Australia (Melbourne) in 1992, and am always shipping things to Australia for my parents, when they order online, but can't have it shipped directly to them. I'm sure that you will be able to find an American blogger that will be happy to act as a mailing address for you :)

    (Not that I'm volunteering right now, since I just discovered your blog, so why should you trust me!), but it's just a thought for future reference...


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