Monday, 21 November 2011

Myer Christmas Table Settings

Last Wednesday, I spent the day in Brisbane city doing some Christmas shopping.  I popped into Myer in Queen Street Mall and went up to the Nespresso Bar located within the homewares department.  I was delighted to see the visual merchandisers had set up a number of Christmas themed dining tables throughout the department and I wanted to share some photos (snapped on my phone) with you.

I just love this rustic old table, and the combination of blue and silver looks great.

I love the wreaths under the plates, although you wouldn't be able to eat with them there.

 Classic red and white with a cascade of clear baubles above.

I like the folksy Christmas tree decorations.

and the silver leaf decoration between the plates.

Snowflakes and silver bells on the backs of the chairs.

Peaceful silver and white theme.  Look how much decoration fills the table.  No room for food but it looks impressive.

Red and gold.

I thought, if Myer's tables look this great imagine what David Jones have done, but when I went to DJ's there was nothing - not one table.  Very disappointing, but well done to Myer's visual merchandisers, your table settings inspired me and got me all excited about creating my own Christmas tablescape.


  1. shops are great for inspiration. love the first rustic table!

  2. Myer is good for tablescapes. i want to try the Crabtree colours of bright pink, orange an turquoise. Might take a lot of work though. Thanks for the tip on the stamp. I shall have to try and source it now. Fiona

  3. You are such a dedicated blogger! Thanks for thinking of us and snapping these great pictures.

    I agree re DJ's too. Their Christmas section is quite pitiful this year isn't it!

    Best wishes for a great week,

  4. They are lovely. I am in love with blue and silver for Christmas this year,but haven't seen much around in the suberban shops. I haven't been into the city though. My Overseas blogger friends,seem to have a lot of this colour this year and I love it. xx Happy Monday

  5. Lovely inspiration. I love the colour combination in the first one - it has a lovely summery feel perfect for us in the Southern Hemisphere! x Sharon

  6. Because my house is predominantly decorated in blue and white, I always decorate my tree with blue, white and silver ornaments, so I love seeing Myer's take on it.

    I used to love going into Myers and David Jones on Bourke Street in Melbourne over Christmas to see what they have done. It's been many years since I've been in Australia over Christmas time.

  7. I get more excited about decorating the table then anything else. But you are right, some of these table are not very practicable as there is no room for food!

  8. PS: We are your newest followers.....nearly up to 100!!

  9. Oooohhh, I love going into Myer's and DJ's to see all their beautiful displays. I can't wait for school holidays to start so that I can go up to the city and see what the Perth stores have done. Thank you for taking pics on your phone for us. x

  10. Love the white and silver settings just love everything about Christmas I always look forward to decorating our table. Have a lovely day my friend.

    Always Wendy

  11. Lovely! Myer have done such a nice job! I have been tablescaping away already so I feel slightly prepared for the season's festivities! You can check out my take on a contemporary christmas in this post here if you're interested :)

  12. Superb setting! I'll see if I can try to use some of this great ideas on this coming christmas season. Will let you know! ;)

  13. Love the first rustic table!
    I think they're beautiful!

  14. Yeah their Christmas table settings are eye catching. The colors used for entire decorations are totally amazing. Our Xmas day celebrations were also blasting. My sister hosted a family party at some domestic venue Houston TX and we were overwhelmed by the services of this party spot.


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