Wednesday, 2 November 2011

French Lavender Pictures

Many years ago I bought a set of four French lavender pictures.  I love them as much today as I did when I bought them.

Each print depicts a scene of French farmhouses and lavender fields.

The frames have a lovely washed/weathered appearance.

The pictures are only prints but they have a texture that makes them look more like an oil painting on canvas.

They hang in my master bedroom, above my grandmother's secretaire.  I enjoy looking at them every morning when I put my perfume on.  It's nice to get pleasure from simple little things.

It's a beautiful day in Brisbane today.  The sun is shining and there are only 4 weeks left until the kids start their summer holidays.  Better make the most of it.

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  1. lovely colours! only 4 weeks? time flies!

  2. Yes they are lovely pictures, Oh 4 weeks, oh no.x

  3. No wonder you still like those pictures, they are beautiful! I have lavender in my garden and love it. Laura - Cottage and Broome

  4. Just beautiful, you can just imagine being in France and smelling the lavender!

  5. I like them very much. (:

  6. They are really lovely. I need to keep a look out for something for our walls...we have nothing up at all yet.

    I also love the desk, did you paint it yourself? I have something similar which I've just discovered is veneer, so am tempted to paint it white.

  7. Those are beautiful. I love the little desk under them too.


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