Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Rental Reno - The Bathrooms

Part 2 of renovating our rental cottage was the bathrooms.  We did not want to go to the expense of replacing the bathrooms, so we just did some repairs and maintenance, then spruced them up a little.

This is the Master Bedroom ensuite before:

There is only one towel rail and do you like the green gecko/frog stickers on the shower screen?

The floor tiles were still in good condition.

The only storage was this shelf on the side wall that had rusted.

There was damage to the wall where the shower was leaking and nobody had reported it to us!!!!  So we called in Megasealed to repair the shower leak and seal the shower base.  They guarantee the shower will not leak for 15 years. 

I removed the stickers from the shower screen and gave the whole shower recess a really good scrub (look you can see my reflection in the clean shiny glass).

Ensuite - After

We painted the walls and added a new toilet roll holder and double towel rail.

We pulled down the rusty shelf unit and mirror and replaced them with a mirror vanity cupboard from Highgrove Bathrooms.

That looks better.  Now for the main bathroom.  Here is the before...

This room was basically ok.  Whilst the tiles aren't very pretty they are clean and sound.  The timber vanity has aged well and the shower screen is still good.  All we had to do was paint the walls, add a new towel rail and remove the frangipani stickers on the mirror.

There is a separate toilet next to the bathroom - did nothing escape stickers?

To comply with water regulations, we changed the toilet to one with a dual flush cistern.  This closed coupled suite was only $149 from Highgrove bathrooms.

What a difference a coat of paint makes!  My lovely painter Frank hung all the towel rails for me and even chipped away all the broken tiles where the toilet floor meets the parquetry and painted the join to neaten it up.

Part 3 The Kitchen Transformation Coming Next - This was definitely the biggest change in the house.

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  1. It looks much nicer - I am always amazed at the difference a "lick" of paint makes.

    Leeann x


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