Friday, 15 July 2011

Bon Voyage

My Mum is heading off on a lovely European holiday this weekend.  I have nicknamed it her Shirley Valentine holiday as she is going with her two best friends.  Three women hitting every flea market, vintage shop and charity shop across London, Paris and rural France.  How much fun are they going to have?

I decided to make her a travel journal so that she can record all the special places she finds.  I found a simple notebook in Officeworks that was covered in a plain black textured paper.  I decorated the front with an Eiffel Tower from The Graphics Fairy.  Then to cover up the Spirax logo at the bottom, I used the old paper background from The Graphics Fairy and typed the word Travel Journal in Gungsuh font as it was the closest I had to match the Tour Eiffel writing.

Inside the front cover I used a vintage map of France from The Graphics Fairy.

Inside the back cover I used a French postcard also from The Graphics Fairy.

I made a gift tag which can be used as a bookmark from and old french billet from The Graphics Fairy stuck to the back some cardboard cut from a cereal box and thread a piece of kitchen string through the hole.

I covered two pencils and an eraser with some left over 'script' paper I had.

Just a couple of technique tips - I glued all the paper with Mod Podge matt as I didn't want any shine.  I also sprayed all the artwork I printed with 2 coats of Krystal Clear Kote matt so the ink was sealed and wouldn't run when I glued it.

Have a great trip Mum.  Looking forward to seeing all the treasures you find.

How could I not show this to Karen?
Sharing with The Graphics Fairy - Brag Monday


  1. What a great idea and thanks for the tips. Love your blog, went back through all your past post and am your newest follower.

    :) Michelle

  2. You've just turned the light bulb on for me! Gorgeous creative gift you clever girl....B:)

  3. What a fabulous idea for your Mum. Love what you have done. x

  4. What a beautiful journal idea. You're a very sweet daughter :)
    It sounds like a wonderful trip she'll be taking too.

  5. What a gorgeous travel journal you have made and how lucky is your mum going on such a fab trip!

  6. That is such a lovely gift for your Mom. She will certainly have a keepsake after her trip.

  7. Kylie, that is the cutest travel journal! I bet your mom loves it. What a fun trip she is going to have with her girlfriends. I dream about a girl's trip to Paris.


  8. What a lovely thoughtful Gift for your Mum I hope she and her friends have a very enjoyable Shirley Valentine Holiday and shares her Adventures in her Travel Journal with you.
    Cheers from Jacki

  9. What a thoughtful gift...I love it. Bet your Mum and her friends had a blast! Lucky gals :-) Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,


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