Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tackling the Little Jobs

I always have a list of 'little jobs' that I need to finish which I am forever putting off.  On the weekend I decided to tackle them. 

The curtains in the guest bedroom have been hanging since September last year but I have never gotten around to hanging the tie-backs. I ordered the curtains and tie-backs from Laura Ashley whilst I was in London.  When I got them they just had these little brass rings sewn to the back that would not go over the tie-back hooks I'd bought so I needed to find a way around the problem. 

I simply cut a piece of wire, threaded the crystal beads on and wrapped the ends of the wire around the brass ring.  So now the crystal loop hangs on the curtain tie-back hook and holds the curtains in place.

I have a slight fear of electrical tools. I think I am frightened that I might drill into a water pipe or electricity wire. I normally ask my husband to do the drilling bit, but he was busy studying so I had to face my fear and use the drill to hang the tie-back hooks.

I also need to shorten and rehang the curtain poles.  That involved finding studs, the drill and a saw!

Feeling my confidence grow, I fixed the curtain poles and tie-back hooks in the master bedroom and hung a hook on the back of my en suite door.

I have had this hook sitting in my bedside drawer since December last year.  Why do I procrastinate with the little jobs?

Now I have to face an even bigger challenge.  Using this!

Oh well - at least I have these.

And I did a 'girl' thing and read the operating instructions.


  1. Clever idea and such pretty curtains and rods. I will use an electric sander and jigsaw quite happily but am also nervous of a drill for some reason! x Sharon

  2. I love the combination between the curtains and the venetions, they are just gorgeous!


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